Numerology Readings

Number codes have no power. Numbers are a language to Elizabeth Summers that are used to translate information to clients. Two ancient Number systems are used in client’s readings, namely, the Pythagorean (1-9) and the Chaldean (1-8).

In addition to these codes, Numbers (1-78) are interpreted which correspond to the ancient Tarot and the Hebrew Kabbalah. Combining ancient Numerology systems, Tarot interpretations and Astrology into personal readings, a very comprehensive report is offered.

Elizabeth has a true gift! Unlike all of the automated numerology reports available today, Elizabeth uses her extensive experience with several systems along with her intuitive wisdom and creates a personalized chart specific to you. It’s amazing how completely on target her insights are and prove very helpful when looking for guidance with some of life’s big decisions. I highly recommend Elizabeth!

12 Month Reading

Current year readings focus on events and experiences of the current entire twelve month personal year, starting now and twelve months forward. Month-to-month energy influences, major turning points in life, and significant themes in your life will be noted and explained. Information using ancient Numerology, Astrology and Tarot interpretations is combined in this reading. This reading is recorded on CD and mailed to you. A download is emailed to you the same day. An Astrology Report is also emailed to you.


“Elizabeth Summers is a perfect angel. Her work demonstrates detail orientation beyond measure. Elizabeth’s knowledge, spiritual insights, and numerology talents far exceed in outcome and assistance. I look forward to my annual visit with her and to her newsletters.”

– J.S., OR

“I have had the great opportunity to hear Elizabeth’s readings a few times. I appreciate her extensive knowledge with Numerology and her guidance with what Spirit tells her. My daughter had recommended I contact Elizabeth several years ago when I was struggling with questions, and I’m so glad I did!“

– S.E., CO

“Elizabeth Summers truly has incredible intuition and insight to her clients’ lives. She has been spot on with me and all my many life challenges and changes these past 20 years. Not only are her readings accurate using numerology, but her ability to engage with Spirit during my sessions with her, have been incredibly moving emotionally and mentally. She ALWAYS gets it right! Elizabeth’s approach to her readings is uniquely different and delivered with heartfelt wisdom and knowledge. She’s been one of my bright guiding lights over the years and has taught me to be still and listen within.”

– J.H., CO

“You are most accurate, Universal Law, Energy Exchange!! I always send you Blessings and appreciate your outstanding work!! Keep moving forward.”

– L.H., FL

“Elizabeth is truly amazing and the real deal. I have had numerous successful readings-so helpful, so informative. I am so fortunate to have found Elizabeth and continue to work with her and book readings that guide and inform me-at times can even ‘save my bacon’ as it were-just to know that I need to be cautious or have a heightened awareness in situations—this information and helpful and loving guidance is invaluable. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all you do, I love the newsletters keep ‘em coming!”

– L.S. Ohio

“What can I say? This lady is the real deal! Everything in life is based on Numbers. We can use our personal numbers in conjunction with the year to forecast how our lives are to be led. Elizabeth is really the only person I know of who is not just a Numerologist but an Esoteric Numerologist who is extremely educated and spiritually gifted. She is such a value to our family that we get readings each year and have worked with her for the past 11 years.

She predicted when we were to move and although it was 3 years out, she assured us then was the right time for us to do so and boom! it all fell into place by divine intervention and a lot of praying from us for the move. This last year’s reading, she went right into talking with those family members who wanted to come through with important messages and so Elizabeth relayed those messages for us and we are eternally grateful to her for exceptional work, care and love. Once we have received our yearly numerological forecast, we refer to the report each month… especially when feeling stuck! We thank you Elizabeth for all that you do and your care and guidance through this lifetime.”

– Cynthia and Chuck Riegle, VA