Medium Readings

* Do you want to reconnect with your loved ones?
* Have you lost a loved one and sometimes feel they are around you and wish you could communicate with them?

Elizabeth is a talented Medium who can help you reach out and communicate as well as receive messages.

45 minute Reading via phone.

This reading is recorded on CD and mailed to you. A download is emailed to you the same day.


“I knew I had a VERY special and unexplainable connection with one of my granddaughters but just couldn’t figure it out. I decided to do a Psychic Intuitive reading with Elizabeth and WOW! She was able to talk with her spirit guides and help me piece together the puzzle! Absolutely the best thing I could’ve done to be able to guide my granddaughter through her journey.”

“Working with Elizabeth over the past 5 years has been an Amazing Experience for me! She is Warm and Loving and Kind and Joyful. She is also a very Spiritually Gifted Esoteric Numerologist and Medium. I value her Knowledge, Intuition, Spiritual Insights and Professional Experience … I find her Delightful to work with! Over the years, a few of my family members have come through to visit with me during my Yearly Numerology Sessions … The messages conveyed through Elizabeth were quite unexpected yet also very timely. Each Soul had so much to say to me and their messages were right on target for the events that were happening in my life at that time and for the future. The confirmations were astounding and the Love that I felt from them was heartwarming! In my personal experience, these sessions and visits are Beautiful Gifts from God that have brought me a sense of Clarity, Connection and Peace well beyond my imagination. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for sharing your Gifts with Me and with so many Others … (((HUGS))) and Blessings!”

– K.L., CO

“Thank you so very much for bringing through my guides to help my understand this very confusing time I am going through right now. I was very honored to be in the presence of these loving beings and have been given a great gift because of your abilities and service to help others. I now have a direction and even better, I now know my primary guide by name and I have begun to “train” myself to have regular conversations with this loving being. Thank you for being such a blessing to humanity.”

– C.S., PA

“I have known Elizabeth for many years now. She is not only my guide and mentor but also a great and magical friend to know! Her insights/messages/guidance have helped me through many pivotal points in my life, when even my own inner voice was silenced. I value her spiritual gift and send to her my dear friends and family who need the same Love & Light in their lives. Her messages from my loved ones have meant so much to me- for reassurance and closure. I trust her with all my spiritual navigation and am forever grateful for having met her, again, in this lifetime.”

– L.D., CO

“I just can’t thank you enough for such a great reading for my cousin June. Her Uncle Charlton coming through was so touching, and just what she needed. I will definitely give more gift readings. You are wonderful! Thank you again and again.”

– M.C., SC

“I was about to get my yearly reading from Elizabeth and I picked up the phone with eager anticipation. Elizabeth said, ‘before we begin, your Mother is here and has a message for you’. That message healed a lifelong issue between my mother and I. Thank you Elizabeth for delivering a message of love from my Mother that changed my life forever.”

– M.B, FL

“Elizabeth, thank you so much for being the vessel for my loved ones who have transitioned. I was great to get to hear from my father but my most cherished communique was with my brother who passed 10 years ago. I now have come to terms with his passing as he answered a lot of the questions I had about that. I miss my father and brother very much but with your help I am able to now know that they are always with me. Thank you Thank you Thank you.”

– C.S., PA

“I had a reading with Elizabeth & my grandmother had just passed away. It wasn’t even 1 month yet. Her energy wasn’t as strong to stay though but her message to my mother was “I made it” she knew how much of a worrier my mother was. When I played that recording for my mom she cried so much & was thanking God & thanking Elizabeth as well.”


“My very first reading, I didn’t know what to expect at all! Who was going to come through? I was so nervous but then I thought oh what the heck I have nothing to be nervous about. I had lost my dad & was hoping he’d come through! GUESS who the FIRST person was to come through? MY DAD! He said “I didn’t really believe in stuff like this but since being in the spirit world I’ve learned so much” & it’s so true “…he never believed in mediums!! I was so so happy crying with so much joy I got to speak with my father! Elizabeth is AMAZING at what she does! She has brought so much peace to me!”

– F.C., NM