Birth Day Energies

Birthday Numbers bear great significance in the understanding of whom we are and where our talents can be on display.

The day of birth indicates some special talents you possess. This energy is a strong influence between ages 30-55 years of age that will help you along your life’s path.

Birthday Numbers meanings are a piece of the “blueprint” your soul put together prior to your birth for you to build your life upon.

To discover the additional powers and influences you created in your “blueprint”, please schedule your NATAL READING with Elizabeth Summers.

1   Great ambition, drive, logical good mind

2   Emotional, sensitive, friendly, diplomatic

3   Intuitive, expressive, verbal, creative

4   Reserved, conservative, organized, hard-working

5   Adventuresome, versatile, impulsive, freedom-loving

6   Devoted, sympathetic, loving, responsible

7   Technical, scientific, logical, inflexible

8   Highly managerial, executive , business-oriented

9   Literary, artistic, generous, philanthropic

10   Creative, original, willful, artistic

11   Psychic, intuitive, dramatic, high-strung

12   Brilliant, imaginative, intelligent, magnetic flair

13   Down to earth, hard-worker, adaptable, business-minded

14   Creative yet structured mind, risk taker, restless, committed

15   Sociable, youthful, scientific, musical, relationship-oriented

16   Strong psychic impulses and hunches coupled with analytical mind

17   Vacillates between extremes of thrift and extravagance, managerial

18   Independent, emotional, practical, friendly, philanthropic

19   Fearless, forceful, unconventional, independent

20   Sympathetic, diplomatic, peacemaker, analytical

21   Affectionate, friendly, artistic, verbal

22   High-strung, nervous, propelled to large undertakings

23   Charming, popular, attracted to the opposite sex, healing hands

24   Restless, multi-tasker, artistic flair, emotional

25   Inflexible, stubborn, mystical, occult, psychic explorer

26   Family-oriented, does well in large corporations and organizations

27   Analytical, introspective, logical, affectionate, forceful , determined

28   Dominant, tenacious, gregarious, affectionate, unconventional

29   Adaptable, moody, adaptable, dramatic, inspirational

30   Inspired, sociable, restless, full of vitality

31   Business- minded, loyal, hard–working, disciplined, practical

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