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Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Whenever I am feeling a little down, I read your emails again which always help brighten my attitude and outlook on the new day to come. Your words are always comforting to me. Have a great day and enjoy the beauty of the world we live in and those around us.

– P.P., IA

“I always open my newsletter and want to hear Elizabeth’s thoughts and wisdom. Her words help me understand what is going on in this world and why. If you have never had your numbers done by Elizabeth you must do it. Such an eye opener and spot on.”

– P.T.

“I love your newsletters, especially the astrological reading on the first of every month… I do value your messages and read every one of them. Your words of wisdom often are just what I need at that moment. You and I have had a nice relationship for about 19 years and I hope to continue for many more.”

– J.P., CO

“I’ve had at least 5 readings with Elizabeth over the last 5 years or so. She is always tapped in intuitively and ready to go with tons of helpful information regarding my astrology and Numerology. So, of course, I’m subscribed to her newsletter which helps me understand what’s going on energetically in the Universe. The newsletters inspire me to think more spiritually and I have a smile when I see her newsletter in my inbox. I highly recommend her for readings and to subscribe to her newsletter to stay up to date on important valuable information on current times!”

– B.G., UT

“I just received your contact for a reading and have not yet received a newsletter so I can’t comment directly. I will say I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated the newsletters I have received from other energy workers I know!! I have found that they (newsletters) help me keep centered grounded and more balanced in a very changing and challenging time. It’s a huge service (you provide) helps keep humans ….. human!!”

– J.M., MA

“Elizabeth is such a gift to all of us. She has given me and my loved ones so much peace, love, guidance and assurance. Her newsletters are full of spiritual information, guidance, and wonderful humor. The timing and content are always spot-on and useful. I can’t tell you how many times I have read one that applied perfectly to my life at that moment. I encourage everyone to sign up to receive them. You will be blessed!”

– T.F., NM

“I always look forward to Elizabeth’s newsletters!! They are uplifting and give me a moment to pause and reflect on her words of wisdom. There are different themes when they are emailed several times a month…always good to receive!!”

– N.W., MS

“I want to thank you for the timely messages I receive through your newsletter. It appears that I can become quite nearsighted with my daily routines and life challenges. Your monthly contact helps me to feel more awake, aware and grateful for my connection with Spirit! My heart glows when I see your email and I open it when I have the opportunity to call a personal timeout to thoroughly enjoy your teachings and advice. This monthly connection is quite a gift. Merci!”

– D.L., CO

One of the nicest things you can do for yourself is sign up for Elizabeth’s newsletters.  Elizabeth offers reflections and information on a variety of spiritual topics in her newsletters.  Her warmth, spiritual connection, wisdom and humor shine through each one giving the reader the opportunity to pause, think and delight in what has been offered. For example, the astrological information she provides helps me understand friends and relatives and mostly myself in a new light!  Sometimes her offering is just a simple reminder to hum.  I found that piece so worthy because it reminded me to hum and what a difference that vibration made to bring peace within.  You see, each newsletter has its own focus to bring clarity and help to your life.  You will be wonderfully surprised and pleased each time you see a newsletter from Elizabeth.

– L.Z., IL