My dear friends,

October 1, is the only Full Moon in Aries in 2020. Commonly called the “Harvest Moon” as this is the time of the year farmers harvest so many foods that were planted in the Spring.

So too with all of us. Think back six months to the NEW MOON IN ARIES and what “seeds” for projects did you plan for yourself then? New Moons are for “new beginnings” and Full Moons bring those beginnings to fruition, thus the October “Harvest Moon” title.

Aries is a fiery sign so watch your emotions which can run high this October Full Moon. Three to Five days before and after are the “peak” influence days. What emotions just might add to the explosiveness of Aries full moon?

You may feel more impulsive, very assertive, super competitive, impatient and ready to “pop off” at the slightest hint of “push back” from others. Take a breath, count to ten and watch what you say!

Stay focused on your future and let go of any toxic habits of the past.

The next New Moon is just two weeks away!



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