Mercury Retro Today


The buzz word for today, October 13, is “caution”. Mercury, the planet of communications is reversing its forward motion, spinning around energetically, and taking a “nap” until November 3, 2020.

Whenever any planet goes retrograde, there are strong possibilities of life not working smoothly! Symbolically, it is like an ocean tide coming in and going out at the same time onto the beaches. What to do? 

Do not start anything of permanence during this retrograde, back up all computers, watch all communications and contracts, fix your car, if needed, and above all BE PATIENT! 

“Resistance to what is” will not be beneficial to you! This retrograde is the final one for 2020 and is in the sign of Scorpio ending in Libra. These souls will take the brunt of the confusion but not to worry.

Wherever in your life there seems to be blocks, that is your Higher Self tapping you on your shoulder saying “look at this”, fix it and let’s move on. All is really well!       

A Mercury retrograde, now in effect until November 3, 2020, CAN bring back an old flame, usually to bring a final end to the relationship and not necessarily to  get new feelings started.

Facebook or Instagram might be the perfect place to get that special request from someone from years ago or even childhood. 

Unexpected meetings with “old loves” are not unheard of.  Don’t get too excited…Mercury retros do not bring permanence to situations. Stay loose!

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“ACTION may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without ACTION!” ... Benjamin Disraeli


Hugs & Blessings Always,

Elizabeth Summers

Esoteric Numerloger & Medium