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The Number Two..the gentle giant

As we move from the focused hard-driving energy of January and the Number One vibration, February, our second calendar month, for some may feel like “hitting the wall”!

The energy of Number Two is the YIN to the Universe’s YANG. Balancing out one’s world through partnerships, gentility, the setting of boundaries is all part of the Number Two personality. A feeling of ennui may come over our daily lives as Spirit and our Higher Selves nudge us to just slow down, take a deep breath and re-assess where we are going next.

Even Mother Nature takes a nap during February getting ready for the energy explosion of March and the early signs of Spring.

Those who have chosen to be born on a Number Two day, whether it is Two, Eleven, Twenty or Twenty-Nine all have the same basic qualities of a “gentle giant”. Caution to those, however, that misinterpret a seeming lack of initiative just might find themselves run over by this detail oriented cooperative spirit.

This laid-back sincere individual has the uncanny ability to see both sides of a situation frequently receiving information intuitively or through psychic ability. The downside of this is an out-of-balance ego to manipulate situations to one’s own advantage.

Having no desire to be the main figure on the stage appears in the Number Two make-up but receiving appreciation for one’s hard work and trustworthiness is definitely desired.

The Number Two energy is ruled by the moon which astrologically represents the emotions. During New Moon or Full Moon times and even more intensely during Eclipses, the subconscious is activated and sleeping becomes an issue for this personality. Therefore, understanding this and not resorting to sleeping pills, alcohol or other chemicals to bring on drowsiness is highly not recommended. Due to the sensitivity of Number Two’s energy fields, holistic solutions are a must.

Interestingly, the Number Two personality, especially the Number Eleven birthday Number, needs to be around water. Water is an earth element that has an uncanny influence in calming down the high-strung Number Eleven temperament. However, showers, soaking tubs, Jacuzzis, fountains in the house or office are all wonderful holistic sedatives for the needs of all Number Two’s. Although the current focus may be on the Number Two, know that these solutions are valuable to all Numbers with their calming influence that pacifies the soul.

Indecisiveness, mood swings, periodic bouts of depressed feelings, rampant displays of a lack of self-confidence are all indications of an out-of-balance temperament that needs to be addressed and understood. These behaviors are a result of the subconscious fear of not being “good enough” often brought into this incarnation from previous human lifetimes. For example, not recognizing one’s intuitive abilities and expressing them comes from a fearful memory of being killed in the past for just such practices. All this is buried in the subconscious and shows up in an Esoteric Numerology reading.

On a lighter note, oh, can Number Two personalities be romantic! If anyone is seeking a mate who loves cuddling and hugging search out those born with birthdays adding to the Number Two. These teddy bears need warmth, affection and frequently fall into childhood patterns when giving and receiving some snuggles. To be made to feel safe and secure is their great unconscious need. Therefore, if their environment is peaceful, harmonious with background music and displays of art on the walls, the mood will set off fireworks of passion!

This gentle giant vibration expressing imaginative, artistic romantic qualities resembles the Number One vibe but not as forceful in carrying out their ideas. In addition, the Number Two may not be as physically strong as the warrior Number One. Therefore, consider expressing any altercations on a Sunday, Monday or Friday since these at the lucky days for a Number Two temperament. For extra help jade, pearls, moonstones and pale green stones worn close to one’s body will help as a support system.

The eastern philosophy of “going with the flow” is an appropriate description of the energy of a Number Two birthday person. “Leading from behind” may appear to be the case in leadership situations but make no mistake, when this conservative personality gets emotionally revved up, the feathers will fly!


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