Number Wisdom 7

This very introspective day makes some folks prone to  moodiness caused by fears, Number Seven and choices, also a Number Seven influence about those same fears.  This can be a quiet energy day with feelings of “moopey-doopey” lethargy. Today is what I call a Greta Garbo energy …”I vant to be alone”.
The energy of Pisces rules today which brings in intuitiveness on a grand scale. This is why the human emotions and intellect take a “mini-vacation” temporarily so one can listen better to hunches and inner guidance
The virtue of Number Seven is ACCEPTANCE and this is a free will choice.  If your life is not “flowing” as you think it should be (according to whose value system?), just Accept what is and do not resist.
Visualize the color purple today, wear an amethyst stone, wrap yourself in the fragrance of lavender and this day will be a day of joy, peace and connectedness to the Divine.

“When a problem arises, go within. Get very quiet about it. Use it to learn something.”

…Author Unknown

Hugs and blessings always,  

Elizabeth Summers