October Blue Moon


My dear friends,

A rare phenomena occurs October 31 in that we have a second full moon, this time in Taurus. Frequently called a BLUE MOON because we have two full moons in October. This full moon has some special issues connected to it that may require your taking a deep breath!

Uranus, the planet of “rebellion, shocks and surprises” is banging up against the energy of the Sun creating volatility and high emotionalism… be ready for anything. A “tug of war” is happening in the heavens. This will show up in the news and in one’s personal life. Uranus can be a tough cookie.

If you have a sun sign of Taurus or a rising sign in Taurus, know that Uranus has been and will also continue to be in the sign of Taurus until 2026… “keep your bags packed and dancin’ shoes on” Taurus!

Planet Venus, the goddess of love and self care rules Taurus. Be sure to relax, nurture yourself and know that this day(s) too will pass. Look back to what you were thinking at the New Moon earlier in October, what were you planning, etc. as Full Moons bring thoughts and plans “to a head”.

A very nice website that offers spiritual ways to move through the Blue Moon energies around October 31…. https://www.wellandgood.com/taurus-full-moon/


“This energy teaches us that we can follow our joy and magnetize abundance simply by being, rather than hustle and grind. Acceptance of our true selves and love is the key”.


CANDLES are some of my favorite things! As we now move deeper into the colder weather and the holiday season, I thought I would share a few tips with you regarding candles and their burning.

— Do not burn candles longer than four hours

— Keep the wick 1/4 inch and REMOVE all the wick trimmings from the candle wax

— When you have a free standing candle, burn it only the amount of hours at a time that is the DIAMETER of the candle….i.e a two inch diameter burn only two hours at a time.  This will ELIMINATE that funnel that can grow down the middle!

— put candles in the freezer, they burn more slowly when COLD


I found this an interesting tip ( I think it would be good for taper candles)

Treat a new candle by soaking it for two hours in a strong saturated solution of table salt and water. Let the candle dry completely. The salt prevents the candle from dripping and makes it last longer. Avoid this treatment with scented candles; the salt may alter the smell of the essential oils in the candle.


YANKEE CANDLE … “HOME SWEET HOME”, great for the holidays

DOLLAR TREE… 2″ diameter white candles, they burn great!


  “Don’t worry, don’t hurry. You are only here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers (and candles)!” .… Walter Hagen



Hugs & Blessings Always,

Elizabeth Summers

Esoteric Numerloger & Medium