12 Month Reading



Learn about your current year ahead!

Current year readings focus on events and experiences of the current entire twelve month personal year, starting now and twelve months forward. Month-to-month energy influences, major turning points in life, and significant themes in your life will be noted and explained. Information using ancient Numerology, Astrology and Tarot interpretations is combined in this reading. 

This reading is recorded on CD and mailed to you. A download is emailed to you the same day for relistening. An Astrology Report is also emailed to you.

Testimonials for 12 Month Reading

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“I would like to introduce you to this extraordinary woman who works as an Esoteric Numerologist and Medium. I met her at a physic fair and called her up one day and she put together my Numerology Chart for me. As you can see noted below her information was as accurate as can be.  Her energy is so refreshing and uplifting.  It is like she could dance on a cloud and the cloud would never move because her essence is so light and airy.  In her reading she taught me how to take my diapers off and put on my Big Girls pants and start climbing the mountain that was in front of me.  For when I reached the other side of that mountain I found you.”