Psychic Intuitive and Medium Readings

Psychic Intuitive and Medium Readings Testimonials

“I have been doing channelings with you since 2009 – 2 years after my beloved mother/best friend passed.  From my very first reading with you – it helped me immensely with the loss of my mom, who came thru loud and clear with messages that only my mom knew.  After that, my husband (who was not a believer in this yoo-hoo stuff), but had listened to my readings with my mom on speaker phone decided to do a reading with me.  He was amazed at his grandmother coming in, as well as a few of his co-workers that had passed. After that, I lost my dad – and again you brought me great comfort with messages from my dad who was so very special.  I have had many readings with you and have never been disappointed in my  messages from spirit.  Signs that I received from spirit have been confirmed. It was very comforting to hear that my parents are still with me, and to know they are watching over me. This resource with you has been such a blessing and a huge help in the grieving process.  Lastly, you have been a huge source of comfort to me in my readings with the recent loss of my husband of 33 years.  This devastating loss has been lessened by being able to connect with my husband thru you, Elizabeth.  He comes thru just as he was in life and explains where he is and what he is doing in spirit.  Knowing he is still watching over me is very consoling.  My channelings with you are  absolutely the only way I have survived losing the love of my life and partner in this lifetime.  His wit and humor that comes thru during the channelings is so fun – it is like I am talking to my guy. Thank you Elizabeth – you have saved my life!” SH – MD

“Thank you for the great session. I am so grateful for your gift! If you only could see the huge smile on my face when I think of the connecting with my Dad, you’d know what you did for me. The session was so accurate and it gave me a lot of peace in going forward, knowing where to put my energy.” SM – MD