Rocking Chairs

My dear friends,
In my opinion, every home needs to have a rocking chair as an important furniture piece!
Over the years, especially during stressful situations, I have found my rocking chair to be a calming refuge.
By now, you are either wondering “why” or “rolling your eyes” at my suggestion.
When a mother is carrying her baby within her belly, as she walks, there is a rocking back and forth sensation that the baby feels. Her baby, however, is snug and secure within her and this walking motion (rocking chair motion) brings the baby a sense of calmness, safety and security.
Those memories become buried in the soul/subconscious and as human children and as adults, too, that movement back and forth, brings forward those same feelings of safety originally felt in mom ‘s belly thus the importance of a rocking chair!
This simple stress reducing “tool” will amaze you with its “soul comfort”.
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Hugs and blessings always,