Three Month Rule

(A NOTE...this current virus situation we are moving through DOES NOT INFLUENCE the outcome of the ancient formulas that I use. They are 2600 yrs. Old and 5000 yrs. Old!)


My dear friends, 

In Esoteric Numerology( Spiritual Numerology) the THREE MONTHS prior to the month of the ACTUAL BIRTHDAY MONTH of a client gives “clues” to issues that are “on the way” in one’s life.

I love this formula because it gives one insights to get ready for what is coming the next (12) months in one’s life.
For example… if your BIRTHDAY MONTH is August, it is perfectly fine to have your (12) month NUMEROLOGY TRANSIT READING anytime from MAY, JUNE, JULY! 
This gives you a “heads up” for trends, issues and challenges that might be on the way!!! in your life.
I always like to know what is “on the horizon” in my life so I won’t be “shocked” when all of a sudden life changes from what I WAS dealing with to what now I AM dealing with.


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“Every successful person I have heard of has done the best he could with the conditions as he found them and not waited until next year for better.”

                                                                          … E.W.Howe


Hugs and blessings always,